Support Services Offered

With over 40 years of experience, ACC have been solving highly technical surface engineering challenges through innovation, supporting our customers to become market leaders in their fields. Our technical excellence and ability to form strong partnerships allows our customers to make considerable gains throughout the entire project process.

By involving ACC at the design and development stage for new products and process specifications, we are able to assist in delivering improvements, efficiencies and cost effectiveness to our customers right from the start of production. We are able to develop process and performance specifications for any requirement, and complement the overall project with support services such as R&D, tooling design, machine design and packaging development prior to project start.

Once a project has begun, we are able to offer processes such as post-painting assembly, labelling and shipping direct to the end-customer to reduce transport costs and handling.

Key Features

  • Post-painting assembly

  • Labelling and product marking

  • Shipping direct to end-customer

  • Tooling design, development and fabrication

  • R&D for new products

  • Technical support

  • Supply chain development and support

  • Laboratory testing

  • Failure analysis