Engineered Coatings for the Rail Sector

ACC provides engineered powder coating and coating solutions to meet the demanding finishing requirements of the rail sector. Offering a range of high-performance coating systems for application on both metal and plastic substrates, ACC’s rail powder coating and finishes are suitable for train and equipment manufacturers, fleet and specialist rail refurbishment operators.

ACC draws on its specialist knowledge and many years experience to specify the most effective engineered coatings for rail customers, taking into account a range of factors such as corrosive environments and other specific conditions that are unique to the industry.

All ACC paint systems are tested and approved for smoke and fire certification, corrosion resistance and durability, and conform to all current rail legislation. Its new two pack water-based coating system provides the rail customers with an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional coatings, meeting EU and REACH legislation.

Why Choose ACC

  • ACC’s application techniques and high levels of process control ensure we deliver the best appearance, performance and corrosion protection

  • All coatings tested and approved for smoke and fire certification, corrosion resistance and durability; conforming to all current rail legislation

  • Approved two-pack water based coatings for Section 12 London Underground with certification for smoke and fume emissions

  • New two pack water-based coating system with low VOC, compliant with EU and REACH legislation

  • Colours available in a wide range of fleet operator shades and gloss levels

  • Proven paint systems successfully used by world class rail manufacturers for many years

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