Powder Coating in Birmingham and Midlands

Our state of the art Birmingham powder coating facility has been purpose built to provide a premium powder coating and the highest levels of customer service and technical support. Here at Advanced Colour Coatings, we’ve been delivering industrial coating services to a variety of industries throughout Birmingham and the Midlands for over 4 decades.

Located near Birmingham airport, ACC’s central location in the Midlands has helped us provide high-performance powder coating in Birmingham to businesses initially throughout the Midlands, then UK-wide and now throughout Europe. With decades of experience in the powder coating industry, ACC have worked with manufacturers across a variety of sectors to develop powder coating services to meet their specified powder coating requirements for visual appearance and engineering/environmental performance.

Since the 1970s, ACC have grown and adapted alongside many of the Midlands automotive, general industrial, defence, marine, and rail companies. Tailoring our services to customers’ powder coating needs whilst ensuring best practice environmental compliance at all times. Covering all aspects of high-end powder coating, our Midlands facility includes; research and development, pretreatment and powder coating lines, wet painting cells, technical support and excellent customer service. Our services as a powder coating company stretch from the initial concept and powder coat finish, to optimised delivery and scheduling within complex supply chain infrastructures and onto and including aftermarket support.

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Powder Coating Birmingham

Powder coating is the electrostatic application of organic powder to metal components requiring a protective or decorative coating. The powder is cured by heating or baking, which results in a hard, continuous coating. The process of powder coating includes pre-treatment, powder application and curing in a controlled temperature oven.

ACC have lead many advancements in powder coating services for our customers with an ability to offer cost effective high performance powder coating processes. From our facility in the Midlands, we continuously research and develop innovative coating solutions to meet continuously challenging customer requirements.

Powder Coating from the Midlands

Powder coating is the preferred method of treatment and coating for customers who want a protective corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly finish to their components. From our Midlands powder coating facility, ACC can create bespoke engineered coating solutions for high volume continuous production and lower volume bespoke batch runs. Our powder coating finishes are available in a wide range of chemistries, performance standards, textures and colours.

Powder Coating Benefits

  • The powder coating process includes surface pre-treatment, powder application (automatic and manual) and controlled temperature oven curing

  • Bespoke coatings systems available in a range of different chemistries to suit customers environmental and finish requirements (indoor, outdoor)

  • Environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wet paint coatings such as solvent-based wet paints

  • Applications include corrosion resistance, high temperature, noise reduction, vibration damping, anti-graffiti and anti-bacterial

  • Available in a wide range of colours, textures, gloss levels and can also be manufactured to customer specific colour matches

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ACC continuously develop our powder coat services, processes and facilities to provide customers with the very latest powder coating technology coupled with competitive market pricing as well as excellent technical support and development at all times.

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