Coating Systems for Battery Electric Vehicles

ACC are working with a number of coatings manufacturers to identify, develop and offer the optimal pretreatments and coatings to address specific functional requirements for the EV sector in terms of:

  • Dielectric Protection

  • Thermal Management

  • Fire Protection

  • Corrosion & Impact Protection

OEMS are continuing to accelerate development and investment in full electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion battery packs.

Whilst this brings technology advancements at every level, it also presents challenges related to system performance, durability, safety and cost.

ACC can apply a range of EV battery powdercoatings and wet paints, to customer products, which are designed for electrically insulated applications and exhibit dielectric insulation properties. These coatings provide enhanced protection to electrical components with excellent adhesion, corrosion and chemical resistance and an optimised combination of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.
Such coatings are used primarily as insulation of motor stator packs, aluminium bus bars, copper bus bars and other steel barrier materials.

ACC offer a flexible and diverse range of coatings which play a key role in enhancing the performance and sustainability of Battery Electric Vehicles( BEVs). Their design for function enables them to be applied in key drivetrain components throughout BEVs, including:

  • Battery cell

  • Power conversion

  • Electric drive system

  • Battery packs

  • Busbars

  • Stator packs

  • Motors

Why Choose ACC

  • ACC continue to develop application solutions in partnership with functional coatings manufacturers in this rapidly evolving sector.

  • ACC’s high levels of process control ensure we deliver the best protection and performance in the application of functional coatings for battery electric vehicles.

  • Functional coatings to increase component life and performance and to protect from corrosion and external elements.

  • Functional coatings enable the use of lightweight metals throughout the battery pack and the vehicle, which is critical to displace the added weight of the battery pack.

  • ACC’s functional coatings, including chromium-free pretreatments, dielectric powdercoatings and liquid coating offer a variety of solutions to protect BEV battery pack components, battery cells and the materials mix used in battery electric vehicles.

  • Our aim is to deliver the most effective solution by working closely with our customers and establish an understanding of their specific needs and levels of functional protection.