Liquid Paint Application

In combination with suitable pre-treatment, ACC provides liquid paint application services to a multitude of substrates using manual and automatic wetspray methods and can provide the most effective engineered coating solution to meet any customer specification.

As with powder coatings, liquid spray paint application is a finishing process used for functional (protective) and cosmetic finishes in manufacturing. Liquid paints are used on a variety of products in almost all major manufacturing industries today. Correct pretreatment is absolutely essential to the process in order to achieve specified performance levels.

ACC provide specialist liquid coatings for the automotive, defence, marine, offshore, rail sectors and general industrial sectors. ACC carry out all of our liquid paint services from our Midlands powder coating head office.

Key Features

  • ACC offer waterborne and solventborne systems as part of a 2-4 stage coating process

  • Available in a range of chemistries to suit product application requirements

  • Liquid paints provide corrosion resistance, cosmetic enhancement and functional benefits

  • Coating systems (primer, basecoat and clearcoat) for metals and polymers

  • Applications include high temperature, noise reduction, vibration damping, anti-graffiti and anti-bacterial

  • High performance Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) for the defence sector

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