Aerospace Powder Coatings Providing Optimum Protection

Aerospace powder coating is formulated to withstand extremely challenging operating conditions and used on all types of commercial and military aircraft providing both a protective and decorative finish. ACC provides aerospace powder coatings, meeting specification and operational requirements for structural, exterior and special purpose systems and includes pre-treatment of the aluminium alloy, application of corrosion inhibiting epoxy-amine primer, and a protective or decorative polyurethane topcoat.

With an expected operating life of 30 years, aerospace powder coatings need to provide optimum protection against corrosion. ACC offers aerospace coatings and finishes that use traditional chrome based corrosion inhibiting compounds. Additionally ACC has developed a chromate-free inhibiting pretreatment process to provide its customers with an effective alternative that has less environmental and social impact.

ACC continues to invest in research to further develop alternative chromate-free corrosion inhibition systems to benefit the industry as a whole.

ACC Aerospace Powder Coating

  • ACC’s application techniques and high levels of process control ensure we deliver the best appearance, performance and corrosion protection

  • Aerospace coatings and surface treatment is critical to ensure the long-term protection of the aircraft structure against corrosion

  • ACC provides high-performance coatings that meet specifications required for structural systems, exterior systems and special purpose systems.

  • ACC offer chromate free pretreatment processes for both aluminium and magnesium

  • Colours available in a wide range of fleet operator shades and gloss levels

  • Proven paint systems successfully used by world class aerospace manufacturers for many years

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