Resins, Adhesives & Specialist Coatings

ACC have an established history of applying specialist coatings, resins and adhesives for specific customer applications, with the objective of optimising the performance of critical components in a wide range of sectors and applications.

Resins and adhesives are applied to customer components via liquid wet-spray systems where a high level of control is critical.

ACC also apply specialist liquid coatings to components to meet functional requirements such as corrosion protection, fluid resistance, interference fit improvement, noise reduction, vibration damping, non-stick release coatings (such as PTFE) and to enhance performance in aggressive operating conditions whilst increasing life expectancy and reliability.

Key Features

  • Increase life expectancy and reliability

  • Anti-corrosion

  • Enhanced functional performance

  • Optimised material protection

  • Fulfilment of functional requirements

  • Friction and wear reduction

  • Specialist adhesive application to challenging substrates

  • Engineered coating solutions to meet exact requirements of component performance