Offshore and Marine Coatings

Marine coatings are high-performance, specialist finishes supplied to the ship building, coastal, offshore (oil & gas) and pleasure craft markets. Typically subject to harsh environments and requiring regular maintenance or repair, marine coatings need to provide an exceptionally high level of protection.

ACC has extensive experience working in the marine sector and offers a choice of extremely durable coatings for a diverse range of marine and offshore component applications. ACC can provide a range of coating systems, including those formulated for severe climatic and immersion conditions; providing maximum resistance to salt spray, constant seawater, and in the certain cases, a broad range of chemicals and operating conditions.

Understanding the exact environment for the product application helps tailor specifications, ensuring offshore and marine coating systems are specified accordingly and cost effectively.  ACC provide durable marine coating systems to meet a range of environmental conditions.

ACC Marine Powder Coating

  • ACC’s application techniques and high levels of process control ensure we deliver the best appearance, performance and corrosion protection

  • Products suitable for the offshore industry need to be able to cope with extended in-service periods; ACC coating systems can withstand the most aggressive conditions

  • Components subject to harsh environments and require regular maintenance and repair so higher performing coating systems necessary

  • Coating systems available to meet environmental conditions classified in ISO9244 from C2 to C5- M

  • Colours available in a wide range of shades and gloss levels; also possible to make almost any solid colour with any gloss level

  • Proven paint systems successfully used by world class manufacturers for many years

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