High-Performance Coatings and Finishes

Covering a broad spectrum of markets, the general industrial sector includes manufacturers of hardware, metal furniture, specialist machinery, bicycles, electrical components, computing equipment, and products used by the construction and agricultural sectors. ACC provides coating solutions for a diverse range of industrial components including extrusions, castings & pressings to machined components, metal sheets and small plastic parts.

ACC has over 40 years experience in the application of high-performance coating systems and offers industrial customers a choice of liquid paint and powder coating finishing solutions. As one of the UK’s leading coatings companies, it specialises in finding engineered coating solutions for customers, in particular complex and technically challenging components such as those that need to comply with detailed specifications for performance or have bespoke production requirements. The company’s cross functional process development, and commitment to quality management ensures it provides an optimum coating process for each specific product.

Why Choose ACC

  • ACC’s application techniques and high levels of process control ensure we deliver the best appearance, performance and corrosion protection

  • Coatings systems for a range of substrates in both metals and plastic polymers

  • Our aim is to deliver the most effective solution by working closely with our customers and gain a greater understanding of their specific needs

  • Colours available in standard colour systems (eg RAL, BS4800) - also possible to match almost any solid colour with any gloss level

  • High levels of weather, mechanical and chemical resistance

  • Paint systems providing high levels of weather, mechanical and chemical resistance and exceptional anti-graffiti qualities used by world class manufacturers for years

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