Pre-treatment Application

Pre-treatment is the first and most critical stage of any engineered coating system. Correct preparation of the substrate component (metal or plastic) prior to application of coating is therefore essential and involves a number of stages such as alkaline cleaning, chemical conversion and passivation.

The pre-treatment process removes all kinds of contamination from the component surface in order to achieve a water-break free surface, that is, a continuous water film on the surface after rinsing off excess chemicals with water and to obtain a reactive surface, where specified, in order to undertake a chemical conversion process such as phosphating.

ACC employ immersion pre-treatment cleaning which provides excellent cleaning of areas difficult to access and more stability than spray application due to greater tank volumes. ACC also offer electropainting and shotblasting pretreatment processes for those components that require a higher higher level of engineering performance. All Pre-treatments are carried out at our Midlands powder coating facilities.

Key Features

  • Latest pretreatment technologies

  • Phosphate, chromate and TCP processes offered

  • Chromate free options

  • Specialists in magnesium pretreatment

  • E-coating and shotblasting available as supporting pretreatment operations

  • Component specific pretreatment optimisation

  • No paint system will give optimum performance over a poorly prepared surface. All paint systems will fail prematurely unless the surface has been properly prepared to receive the coating material

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