Defence Coatings for Ultimate Protection

Coatings for military vehicles and equipment must provide an extremely high level of protection. ACC offers a range of pre-treatment and liquid paint systems to meet the most demanding technical challenges and comply with UK and US Military standards.

ACC has developed engineered coating solutions for UK MOD and US Ministry of Defence projects, working with its global network of approved military paint suppliers. ACC uses both standard and Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) which can be applied to ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces as well as a range of plastic substrates.

CARC is widely used on military equipment as it provides optimum protection; creating a non-porous surface that protects the base material against radioactivity and chemical or biological contaminants. Instead of penetrating, chemicals bead up on the exterior of the surface and can be washed off. CARC also provide protection from the aggressive detergents used to clean vehicles after use so they can be used over again, while guaranteeing ongoing protection from chemicals and other contaminants.

Why Choose ACC

  • Specialists in the application of standard & CARC coatings and can meet the most demanding technical challenges

  • Compliant with DEF-STAN and US-Mil approved standards

  • CARC pretreatment, primer and topcoat system available

  • CARC powder coating finish also now available for military specifications

  • ACC can manufacture CARC coatings to match any colour as well as standard military green, brown, black, white and blue

  • Low gloss finish on all CARC coatings

  • Painting to UK MOD and US-Mil standards

  • Experts in developing engineered coating solutions with the support from a global network of approved military paint suppliers

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