Nuclear Coatings Services

ACC provide specialist nuclear coating services for products destined for nuclear plant installation. These protective coatings play an integral part in the functionality and operational reliability of nuclear power plants. Because of the large amount of energy produced by nuclear power stations, these plants are at risk of damage from high energy particles and radiation as well as concerns for flammability with the presence of oil. Our specialist nuclear coatings for product made for nuclear plant installation have been developed to help mitigate these issues.

We apply paint systems to customer equipment which meets the highest standards in the nuclear industry:(EDF/AREVA/SGN-COGEMA/CEA/ICORR approvals). Conventional paint systems that are used in the construction industry are not appropriate for equipment that is used in a nuclear environment. At Advanced Colour Coatings, we apply tailored nuclear coating paint systems to customer equipment that meets the highest standards in the nuclear industry.

Working with our specialist paint suppliers, we are a recognised applicator in our selected market segments including anti-corrosive coatings for nuclear power plants. Applications of paint using solvent, aqueous, or powder coating techniques are performed using industrial equipment that delivers high performance, repeatability, and quality. Advanced Colour Coatings has the equipment needed to provide a complete range of nuclear coating services. Our research and development team will work closely with customers in order to deliver a protective coating that meets and exceeds their demands.

High Performance Nuclear Coatings 

Our expertise allow us to apply specific protective coatings to equipment for new generation nuclear installations anywhere in the world, offering protection from the world’s harshest environments. ACC developed our nuclear coating process in response to a greater demand for higher performance protection as well as requirements for increased safety and standards. Our dedication to achieving the strictest safety regulations and standards make us the go-to company for protective coatings used at some of the most complex facilities in the world.

Nuclear power plants require the highest standards of technical performance and safety throughout the supply chain and we offer the very highest level of technical expertise combined with experience in this challenging industry. ACC have strict process controls ensuring that we can deliver demanding engineering performance specifications, right first time quality and just-in-time delivery schedules. Read more about our previous projects.

Why Choose ACC

  • ACC’s high levels of process control ensure we deliver the best protection and performance in the application of nuclear coatings.

  • Anti-corrosive coatings for equipment destined for nuclear power plants including high temperature and zonal applications.

  • Our paint systems are qualified to meet the requirements for each zone of a nuclear power plant, including the second and third generation of EPR design.

  • Non-toxic products/free from harmful substances• conformity with directives 1999/13/CE SED and 2004/42/CE COV• IS0 9001 certified.

  • Our aim is to deliver the most effective solution by working closely with our customers and establish an understanding of their specific needs and levels of protection.