Antimicrobial Coatings

Surfaces can now be protected from microbial growth and degradation. Specialist Technology that is active within the coating can reduce up to 99.99% of microbes on the coated surface.

These specialist antimicrobial coatings, both in liquid paint and powdercoating are applied by ACC to products in a diverse range of environments and applications, both interior and exterior, and including the following sectors : medical, food and catering, self-service technologies, communications, computing, and hardware.

Specialist liquid paints and powdercoating are formulated with an added level of antimicrobial protection. ACC are able provide their customers with an extraordinary level of antimicrobial protection against stain and odour-causing bacteria on the surface of their coated product.

Microbes multiply quickly on unprotected surfaces. Antimicrobial coating protection works by disrupting key bacterial cell functions, which mitigates microbes from propagation. Unlike surface disinfectants, which only temporarily clear microbes from the surface of the coating, antimicrobial coatings are designed to work 24/7.  

Why Choose ACC

  • ACC’s high levels of process control ensure we deliver the best protection and performance in the application of the antimicrobial coatings.

  • The broad spectrum performance of antimicrobial coatings makes them perfect for use in hygiene critical environments such as schools, hospitals, and commercial kitchens. Typical active ingredients include silver or zinc.

  • Liquid paint and powdercoating options systems for a range of substrates in both metals and plastic polymers.

  • Our aim is to deliver the most effective solution by working closely with our customers and gain a greater understanding of their specific needs and levels of protection.

  • Colours available in standard colour systems (e.g. RAL, BS4800) - also possible to match almost any solid colour with any gloss level.

  • Please note these specialist coatings do not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria, germs, viruses or other harmful organisms. This technology is not a substitute for good hygiene and/or cleaning practices.



Advanced Colour Coatings continue to work closely to work in line with Government Guidance to try and manage this situation as successfully as possible, and we greatly value your continued support throughout this period.