Advanced Colour Coatings have been applying Nextel coatings to customer products for nearly 40 years in the automotive, general industrial, defence, marine and consumer product sectors.

Nextel was originally developed by 3M in the USA following a request from NASA for a special coating for use on the display instrumentation in the Space Shuttle.

The criteria were that this coating had to:

1. have excellent Anti-static properties.

2. be chemically inert and have excellent UV resistance

3. absorb scattered light and be totally non-reflective.

4. be very hard wearing and scratch resistant.

5. be resistant to stains and be easy to maintain.

6. be warm to the touch.

The Nextel paint system is a primer plus topcoat system, available in a range  of colours, allowing product surfaces to be created with a  super-matt finish and suede-like feel for high-quality appearances. Nextel is perfect for attractive product design as it provides high-quality surfaces with a warm and tactile feel adding value to the end product.

The non-glare properties of Nextel provide advantages in design and technical application and it’s unique light absorption properties allow for its use in demanding products and application where light reflection needs to be avoided. Nextel scatters and absorbs light helping optimise accuracy in optical devices such as laser applications and head-up displays.

Apart from its many functional benefits, Nextel lends itself to being a premium finish for high end hand held equipment as well as audio products.

Nextel coatings can be applied to a variety of substrates, e.g. plastics as well as metals. This means that components manufactured from a variety of substrates have an exact colour match, as all areas are coated in the Nextel.

It is an extremely robust coating that offers a degree of elasticity which negates potential of damage to the coating from “external knocks”. This in turn protects the underlying substrate, improves corrosion protection and negates coating failure and potential product failure and subsequent rework/replacement costs.

ACC have coated magnesium castings for extremely demanding environments using impregnation, pretreatment and powder coating combined with a  Nextel wet paint top coating as an overall high performance paint system.

Nextel coatings are impervious to the majority of day to day contaminations, so further protecting the underlying substrate and preventing any failure in the functionality of the product coated. Nextel coatings can be gently cleaned to restore their original appearance.

Some of our more recent projects have involved applying Nextel to TV frame bezels in a range of colours for Samsung’s The Frame TV and also the inside of laser housings for industrial applications.

ACC are extremely well positioned to support customers with any technical or sales enquiries regarding Nextel paint.