Advanced Colour Coatings are pleased to announce our recent successful application to JOSCAR, an accreditation system for the aerospace, defence and security sectors, operated by Hellios Information. JOSCAR is a tool that supports third-party risk management, providing robust information for companies issuing tenders and improving the bidding experience for potential suppliers.

JOSCAR offers a host of benefits for suppliers such as ACC. Part of the registration process includes providing our details to a database of Supplier accreditations and certifications. These details are held and managed by JOSCAR rather than manually in-house, providing both internal efficiencies and more robust data for potential customers.

The system was established following an initiative led by ADS Group and includes a growing number of prime contractors as registered buyers together with the MoD. JOSCAR is a cross-sector community which reduces the time, cost and resources and duplication needed to provide information to major buying organisations.

JOSCAR is a cross-sector collaborative solution that reduces the time, cost, resources and duplication currently needed to provide information to major prime customers. Holding common supplier information in a central system, the JOSCAR accreditation system allows information to be accessed by all participating buying organisations.

ACC look forward to providing our specialist powder coating, wet painting and pretreatment services to the JOSCAR database of buyers and  also generating new opportunities.