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Technical - Pre Treatment


  • high performance pretreatment coatings
  • latest pretreatment technology
  • chromate pretreatment for non-ferrous metals
  • phosphate pretreatment for ferrous metals
  • chrome-free pretreatments
  • specialist magnesium pretreatment
  • pretreatment of polymers (plastics)
  • demineralised water rinsing upto 1020 hrs saltspray
  • etch priming
  • pre-ops such as shotblasting and linishing available
  • highly flexible pretreatment plant

CASE STUDY - Drive Shaft Components

ACC is one of the UK’s most experienced applicators of pretreatment systems for specialist applications.

Together with our supply partner , a series of major automotive supply contracts have been won and maintained.Working for automotive majors like BMW, Toyota, Honda and Nissan, who bring high-specification demands to the Supply Chain, ACC have developed ways of pretreating heavy-sectioned high-precision components without damage , staining or embrittlement.

Drive Shaft Components

Kanban production, typically calling for a mix of 50 component types during any one day, at combined volumes in excess of 15,000 parts per day, is achieved within a single shift.

ACC's specific pretreatment processes address variables such as scale, smut , oxide formation and porosity without affecting the final quality and performance of the powdercoated products.

The ACC Way is to design individual pretreatment processes to suit the requirements of the customers and the related performance standards.



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