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Technical - Wet Spray


  • high performance industrial coatings
  • specialist coatings inc Nextel soft feel
  • custom finishes ( colour, texture and effects)
  • waterbased, solvent based and 2K systems for both metals and plastics
  • surface preparation of polymers (plastics)
  • applied to specified Dry Film Thickness levels
  • etch priming
  • application of primers and adhesive bases
  • EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatability) coatings
  • MOD and US MIL specs inc CARC
  • high temperature coatings
  • custom masking for any product
  • latest technology application equipment
  • design specification service

CASE STUDY - Rugged, Light weight Hand-held Computers

Liaison between Itronix design engineers, ACC, the machine shop and the foundry helped contribute towards the commercial success of this rugged hand-held computer, used daily in field applications. BT Engineers were some of the first professionals to appreciate the computer’s potential.

The “soft feel” textured Nextel liquid-paint coating, provides a practical way of overcoming minor casting surface blemishes without costly filling and flatting.

Handheld ComputerA powder base coat for durability combined with specialist magnesium pretreatment, underneath a sophisticated tactile liquid paint cosmetic finish provides an alternative option to the appearance of a one-coat powder finish.

The ACC Way is to set up production cells suited to the unique requirements of each customer and becoming an extension of the customer assembly line process

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