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Technical - Powder Coating


  • Epoxy, Polyester and Hybrid powder coating
  • Latest low cure, low film powders
  • Full range of powders
  • Colours and textures custom matched
  • Fully automatic powder coating processes
  • Latest technology application equipment
  • High level control of film thickness
  • Functional and cosmetic powder coatings
  • Noise Reduction powder coatings
  • Vibration Damping powder coating
  • Anti-graffiti and Antibacterial coatings
  • High temperature powder coating
  • Nylon modified powders
  • Anti-gassing powders
  • Chemical , scratch and marr resistant

CASE STUDY - Powder Coating of Roofrails

ACC has specialist experience applying highly cosmetic powder coatings to automotive components. Product destined for major vehicle assemblers such as BMW, GM/Opel, Daimler Chrysler, Volkswagen Audi Group and Saab is processed through ACC’s plant.

The vehicle roof rail is an example of a product viewed in the highly-visibility eye level zone; therefore its cosmetic appearance is of vital importance. Made from non-ferrous alloy, the carefully prepared individual castings and extrusions have to be cleaned, passivated and coated with extreme care. By utilising strict process controls and zero defect practices, stringent customer surface-finish standards can be achieved.

Vehicle with roofrailsACC powder coating competes in this demanding sector of the market by employing a strong combination of engineering and technical skills.

The ACC Way is to welcome visiting auditors from first-tier customers and OEM specifiers, plus other organisations within the supply chain, in order to ensure complete adherence to specific Cost, Quality and Delivery parameters


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