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Technical - Assembly

Specialist Coatings / Assembly Processes / Value-added Processes

  • Adhesive / sealant Application
  • Oiling for corrosion performance
  • Modular Assembly
  • Despatch in kit form
  • Automated assembly processes
  • Packaging & labelling direct to End-user
  • Specialist coatings

Our core customers have been delighted with the specialist coatings services received from ACC, so much so that they have asked us to undertake their modular assembly processes and their post-coating processes as well.

If your modular assembly products or post coating processes are not adding value to your core business activity, then they can be a distraction. We have the experience and expertise to meet your specialist coatings requirements. With the extensive use of Poka Yoke disciplines and our procedural systems we can maintain and exceed world class specialist coatings quality.

ACC offer a full design service starting from initial concept, bespoke assembly equipment development and fabrication through to generating the final engineering specfication, specialist coatings and production launch.

Monoblock Drive Shafts

GKN and Toyota LogosACC were asked by GKN Driveline to develop a bespoke sealing process for their latest technology shaft. ACC developed the process and the equipment by working closely with GKN Engineers.

Senior representatives from Toyota Japan visited ACC to audit and approve the process.


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